Who uses Homeopathy?

Some people have come to me when all other forms of help have failed, they have nothing to lose by trying homeopathy, others have used homeopathy before and will turn to it again at the first signs of something going wrong.

Some people have been coming to me for several years, coming once twice or three times a year almost as an MOT, others may come just once or a few times over a period of a few weeks or months and then may be not call again for a few years.

As a wife and mother I have a special interest in women and children, but as everyone is unique there is always an excitement and anticipation of meeting anyone for the first time and working with them to improve their sense of wellbeing.

Previously patients have come to me with a diagnosis of anxiety or depression, chronic fatigue, hormonal problems, migraines and eczema.

How each person responds to a remedy will vary, and if you are considering homeopathy the best approach would be to contact me to discuss your individual circumstances.